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DJ/Producer Amadelo Da Swell Is The Founder Of D*Sturbed Sound (Production - Records) and House Yourself (Web Radio, Thank House It's Friday, SaturDance...)

His passion for DeeJaying came in the mid 90's. He used to make K7 for his friends and then starting enjoying to buy vinyls, cd's and spin them but for himself.

When he went working in Corsica in 2002, by coincidence, the dj where he worked asked him to replace him behind the deck and quickly made the audience dance every single night for 6 month.

When he came back in Belgium, he continued to do it so and even organised Parties where all kind of music was played. Five years later, he decided to pause and meanwhile he lost his mom in that period of time.

After a long pause, he started spinning again in 2010 mainly in Belgium, then in Spain 2014. He created his own label in 2012 the same year his son was born and later his web radio in 2016 where others DJs and take over the LIVE every friday, Thank House It's Friday was launche where he plays tracks from labels like Quantize, Defected, MBMH, AFO, AnjunaDeep, DeepHouse Belgium, SoulHeat Records, EMI, SME, Universal, Leopard Records, 8Bits Records, Klangwerk Records, Stealth Records etc...

During 2010 & 2020, different radio interviews (Radio Activity on You FM where he actually has a residency too) and collaborations came along with other producers and DJs doing ReEdits (The One - Flawless (Amadelo Da Swell D*Sturbed Sound Tone Re-Edit, Lana Del Ray - Summer Sadness (Da Swell D*Sturbed Sound ReEdit), Remixes [Deema Sokolov & Amadelo Da Swell - In Your Heart (Da Swell D*Sturbed Sound Main Edit), Jonny Blender, Farid & Neyba] and Co-Productions (Kifra Kitoko, Jonny Blender)2020 will see new projects and collaborations and a 2nd Live on House Yourself Radio, SaturDance is programmed every Saturday.

Amadelo Da Swell Plays For Radios, Clubs Venues, Business Events, Fashion Shows, Charity's Events And The List Goes On.

Even If His Music Label Is Electro and House Music Productions oriented, He Can Play In All Kind Of Registers, From Old School Hip Hop To Afro House Passing By Jazz Or Lounge Music And Can Take You Deeper Than You'll Ever Go This Magnetic Gentleman DJ Can Put His Crowd On Trance Like Snake Charmer Because Musically From An Eclectic And Yet Unique Background.

He Knows What His Audience Wants.

On Social Media, He Is Behind Different HashTags Which You Can Find On His Instagram, Twitter & Facebook Accounts.

Definitely The Dee Jay You Need And Deserve Who Can Turn Your Event Into A Soulgasmic Party.

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