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My Artist name is MAXIMOPRODUCER I approach very young in the Panorama Musicale. At only 10 years old, I understand the strong passion for melodic music .. and immediately start to study my first instrument, or the piano with practice and theory, for 5 years.

Later, at the age of 16, my ear brought me to the first sounds' Ambient, and House, frequenting for many years ... the Clubs and Disco, After a few years my first step as a DJ in the Small Clubs and Private Parties. First Satisfaction born for fun making Mix on Radio MixFM with the great conductor not that DJ of Fama International, Luca Cucchetti In the years to come I push myself more and more to the real Music Production, thus starting my Path of Producer to 360 Degrees ...

Always experimenting with new genres but especially Cavalcando The melodic wave on various musical genres, My Favorites and also Production are: Deep-House / Tech-House, Latin House, Progressive / Trance I work with some labels and I have published some songs in the best Digital Stores.


Digital Angel [Belgium]

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